Monday, 26 September 2016

Info about the Car Services Offered by Ethoz in Singapore

Vehicle is the utmost requirement of the date. Therefore, a number of companies in Singapore have come into the picture in the present scenario. These companies offer a variety of services in the nation, which can be acquired by tourists and the native people. Ethoz Group is the popular name that can be taken as example in this regard. This group offers distinct services that can be availed. Apart from the car services, it also offers SME loan the people to help them starting the new enterprises. But, most of its services are related to car. Let us have a look at some of these services available Singapore.

Hire Purchase Services

The hire purchase services are widely famous these days, in which you can get the cars on installments, but you can start using car with first installment. Ethoz provide this hire purchase services. These services help the people in obtaining the car easily for which they have to think a number of times, if they have to purchase it. 

Long Term Car Leasing Services

The long term car leasing services are for those who need the rented cars for a long time. The cars can be availed for different purposes. Many of the corporate companies like to avail the cars to provide the cab facilities to their employees. On the other hand, a number of people like to get the cars on lease on the days when they have requirement rather than purchasing the car. Ethoz offers a wide range of car leasing services, which you can avail for any of these purposes.  

Short Term Car Rental Services

The short term car rental in Singapore is also widely popular today. These car rental services are prominently popular among the tourists who visit Singapore. The tourists need a private source of commuting to travel. It is a known fact that Singapore is a small nation, which can be covered in car. So, the car services have gained a huge fame these days. The airport transfer services are popular most in this regard. In these services, the car picks you from the airport and drops you to your hotel room. Similarly, it picks you from room and drops you at the airport at the time of departure. Ethoz also provides the car rental services in Singapore. 

Luxury Car and Limousine Services 

The luxury cars and limousine services are widely popular today. These services are widely popular today among the entrepreneurs and other people from elite classes. A number of people like to avail these cars from Ethoz Group.

Car Servicing and Repairing

Ethoz has some workshops where the services like car servicing and repairing are provided to the people. If you car is faulty, you can avail the services of this firm. 

You can avail the services of Ethoz with ease these days from any part of the world. You are just required to visit the official website of Ethoz, where you can know about the services of the company in detail. It also provides the services in China, apart from Singapore. The firm is getting more and more popular today in Singapore among both tourists and indigenous people.


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