Wednesday, 9 November 2016

All You Need To Know Before You Land

Singapore is a delightful cosmopolitan city, an island country that is probably the finest in whole of Asia. There is so much to explore that a weekend will definitely fall short for.  A four to five day visit should please your appetite. It has some of the most jaw dropping attractions, thrilling nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and most unbeaten lip smacking food to die for. No kidding!

So if you are in Singapore whether for business or pleasure, do make sure that you plan at least a 4 day to a week stay in this magnificent city to savour all bits of pleasure.

Modes of Finer Travel

If you are on tour, we would recommend you go for a car lease Singapore by means of which you enjoy a finer experience of the finest city. You don't need any additional documents apart from your valid driver’s license to drive around if you are here for a short stay.

You maybe aware about how famous is Singapore regarding traffic rules, so hiring a car won’t be a bad idea as long as you play along the rules. Do not forget to learn them.

For a more business class or VVIP experience, Limo service Singapore would offer you the classiest experience when you head to the highly urbanised parts of the city or to the chicest of bars to enjoy fine dining after an eventful day.

You can go for car rentals and limousine services of  Ethoz in Singapore. They provide both at competitive rates and their services won't disappoint you.

In case you are a free bird, then using public transport to roam around is a good idea. You can easily get a tourist pass for not more than $10 for unlimited use of public transport.Taxis are another cheap option to get around.

Important  Law Facts For First Timers

As vibrant and exciting the city is, while you're there, you will be encountering a few surprises or shocks that you must know before you drop in the city. We will help you get familiar with the nitty gritties of the island country so that you know what you’re in for before you land yourself in trouble.

●    Tosing, recite or utter any kind of ballad  or obscene song is an offense in singapore and you could be charged with fine, end up in jail or 3 months, or both.
●    According to Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, using another person’s wifi  is considered hacking and it could land you in jail for 3 years, a heavy fine of $10000 or both.
●    Don’t feed leftovers to pigeons in Singapore if are tempted to do so. It is an offense and will cost you $500.
●    Don’t forget to flush a public toilet after use. It will cost you hefty fines.
●    No smoking in public spaces or you pay fine for the same. You are not allowed to carry more than an open pack of cigarettes during travel to Singapore.
●    Don’t try walking around naked even in your hotel  room. Doing this, you may face pornography charges. So, next time you take a shower, don’t forget to close the curtains.

●    Throwing litter in open spaces will cost you a penalty of $300 if you are a first timer. Doing so repeatedly three times, you will need to clean the streets once a week with a bib saying “I am a litterer.’
●    Selling or importing chewing gums in Singapore is considered illegal. Improper disposal of chewing gums or carrying large quantities of the same will cost you heavy fine of up to $1000.
●    Singapore authority conducts random drug tests on both locals and tourists. Make sure you stay clean during and before your trip.
●    Don’t even think of spitting on public roads, sidewalks or any other open spaces. You will be slapped with a huge fine of $1000.

These are some weird and severe laws but all is being done to keep the city clean, low on crime and high on discipline. The same laws make the city safe to travel. So, if you steer clear of these, you are guaranteed for a splendid time in the city.

Have fun!