Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Ethoz Group: A Perfect Commuting Solution in Singapore

A vehicle remains the utmost requirement of the people in today’s scenario in Singapore as-well-as in other parts of the world. When tourists come to Singapore, they also require some vehicle to commute from one place to other. The native people also need to get different types of car services time to time. These car services may be car rental, car lease, car repair and more. Ethoz Group is one of the firms in Singapore, which offer the car services. Here are some of the popular services being offered by the firm. These services are not just for tourists but also for the native people, which they can acquire as per their requirements.

Long Term Car Lease in Singapore

The long term car lease Singapore services are one of the popular among various people, i.e., both indigenous and tourists. If you don’t want to keep your own vehicle in Singapore, but you have requirement for some months then these lease services. On the other hand, the business tourists who come to Singapore for some months can also avail these services. The corporate companies, who require providing cab facilities to their employees, can also get the car on lease from Ethoz. For any other reason one needs the car for a long period, the car rental services can be acquired.

Airport Pick and Drop Services

When the tourists arrive Singapore they need a vehicle for pick and drop from airport to hotel room or any other place of accommodation and vice versa.  The airport pick and drop services are available at Ethoz for this purpose. Different types of car services are offered by Ethoz. It can either be a simple car service or it may be limousine service Singapore.

 Car Rental Service to Travel inside Singapore 

The car rental service to travel at the tourist spots or any other place in Singapore is offered by Ethoz. The service can be acquired by both native people and tourists. 

Car Servicing and Repair
Ethoz has its workshops, where the people can give their car for servicing and repair. It allows the people to get the car servicing and repair services from the authorized and reliable workshops. 

Hire Purchase of Cars

The hire purchase of car is also a service being offered by this firm. You can get the car on installments and can start using it in that time. 

Apart from the car services, Ethoz Group also offers an additional service for the people who want to start their own enterprise. The firm offers the loans for the small businesses. 

You can get the services of Ethoz Group easily from its websites. On the website of Ethoz Group, you can buy the car lease or car rental packages from any part of the world and can book the car from your home country (if you are coming from abroad).

It is hoped that the service of Ethoz Group will be proved to be helpful for both tourists and indigenous people and will fulfill their commuting needs without any glitch.